Group Exercise

Workout with people who have similar goals in a group setting. Group workouts can be motivating, encouraging, and a way to meet new friends, along with a higher level of accountability, it can be a more economical way to get in shape.

Our group workouts are designed for every fitness level. At least two Fitness Professionals are present during each session. Every workout is different, challenging your full body workouts for weight loss, building strength and endurance. We utilize kettlebells, dumbbells, body weight exercises, resistance bands, jump ropes, barbells, bosu trainers, and medicine balls. These training tools are what we use to cover every aspect of total fitness.

We offer exercise classes daily with three morning and five evening classes a week. Please view the weekly Group Exercise schedule below. The workouts last at least an hour, and can be challenging for beginners or advanced levels. We also evaluate your diet and customize a meal plan that's nutritious, safe, easy to follow and effective for weight loss, and building strength.

Join the group if you want to lose weight, or get in the best shape of your life.

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